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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 21, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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long ruling will. and. ah eye. chickens extent laser disc eighty three million tonnes of oil and forty one billion cubic meters of gas oil and gas minister was out by cannibal and reported to the president on the results of the agency over the past year he also announced plans for the current year and a strategic goals in the second of a rising from the president's address in turn the president of salt and survive without the need to attract investment and strengthen the work on innovative bowman of the industry that the state is convinced that the country shall pay special attention
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to the need of creation of industrial clusters around large oil and gas fields and facilities. the issue of establishing an oil free of cost in the country was considered as well. the map of promising oil and gas phases of the country was present at the meeting. who is suddenly the semester bushnell of the region the new limits on some gel a just outcome extend carried out extensive work. this is a map of the prospect of glowing gas basins in kazakhstan. he was the work that was done by the order of coz my gas national company but the support of the committee of geology. he was prepared by a research team in cooperation with the institute of oil and gas for the next four years. each of the prospects of oil and gas field in kazakhstan and enables us to define that for the party work in the regional exploration was teaching in the season the development strategy of austin on and all my t's affirmation will be elaborated in two thousand fourteen this was announced by the minister for regional development of context and that everything in the office of the essential communication service the main urban areas of the country will be pasta and
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a lot to the government has given a commission to develop relevant schemes in diversification strategies of these to other nations in the current year. moreover she can and often they should also become a large metropolitan areas. i think they should be developed in the future. it is very likely that we'll consider affirmation are now going around that it was commendable is symbolic generation at the briefing a single program of regional formation is now being prepared by the ministry of regional development which entails elaboration of a corresponding develop a strategy of affirmations the ministry also explain that today the term religion is used in different programs but is not legally regulated while delivering his annual state of the nation address to soak in as a by matching the cities which will become the first modern urban areas of the country. he was a speedy getaway spot. lots of photos in an nfc issues of the commission are included in the strategic documents they require a legal solution development of relevant and master plans. that is the doctrines of organization of the territory of these
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formations the corresponding plan on the creation of all monte an awesome uncle nation should be repaired by the government is doing and what a nasty quixote. when you see over seventy people were hospitalized as a result of clashes between produce events of your amazing and the police in kiev. most of them are low in force but opposites be more closed head injuries fractures and bruises as well as poisoning of unknown substances according to local media all the doctors and kiev worker julie seven to work as it was reported about one hundred thousand people went with nana papa the assembly that took place in the center of kiev as a result the turn into clashes with police protesters tried to break through the parliament building. some protesters started to throw stones and bottles filled with flaming liquid at the police and demonstrators moved to the attack with sticks in turn police officers used water cannons tear gas and rubber bullets. in addition protesters set fire to several police bosses according to reviews news agency president of ukraine viktor unocal which instructed the national security to establish a working group to resolve the crisis in the country
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members of the work group will have to meet with opposition and discuss the current situation in ukraine. meanwhile clashes between protesters and security forces in kiev continue western countries have expressed concern about the situation. the british foreign ministry me the corresponding statement the united states claimed the ukrainian government for the escalation of the internal political crisis in the country the white house calling on authorities to cancel the deficit ridden budget of the country adopted by the caulking around without discussion last thursday and introduced punishment for the dissertation and corny to protests then i get the biggest an islamic group claimed responsibility for the bombings and photographed and posted a video threatening to strike in two thousand fourteen when olympics in sochi ridge imports are those of the video reported that the explosions and photograph were committed by a team member's bill i had the biggest an islamic group named sold them on and on dumas from this group is connected with on some awesome not so with such group formed in iraq in two thousand three goal yet the biggest in milton group is included in the so called caucasus emirate in along
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with other associations is seeking to establish an islamic state of the caucus as it was reported earlier the leader of the caucasian militants to call mom of three to commit attacks during the olympics last week ahead of chechnya or amazon can get off to the tomato was killed but this information was not confirmed that you are reminded that the explosions occurred in open ground in the last days of december. the blast killed thirty four people and injured more than seventy it was stated by bill young biggest into my purported suicide bombers to commit attacks. oh god how great his direct involvement wasn't mentioned in the video russia might have helped in which no to collecting information. this was stated by the chairman of the us housing intelligence committee according to reuters in his opinion the technical capabilities of snow than the loan were lower than the performed work. but i just say this i believe there's a reason he ended up in the hands the loving arms of an fsb agent moscow. i don't think that's a coincidence that would snow to sled to the united states to hong kong and then to russia where he was granted asylum last year the chairman of the intelligence committee believes that his escape was carefully planned besides unlike the reason was that it
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was interesting mostly not in spying on americans but in gathering intelligence information abroad says rogers. with questions that we have to answer but as someone who used to do investigations some other things were finding what we call clues that certainly would indicate to me that he had smiled. information about the methods of us intelligence work disclosed by snowden sparking debate around the world especially in germany france and several latin american countries and which norton is accused of disclosing state secrets. his defenders connie hero and believed he should be released as he told the world the truth about the secret surveillance by security services. the new address of the presentation is not just the privatization of the strategy two thousand fifty but also he will elaborate plan of action for the country for the nearest future. this was sent today by the end piece experts in figures. the member of the module is our goal was alone about emphasize the importance of developing knowledge intensive economy and increasing labor productively last year
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the email which was written the scientific discoveries what needs to be done in this regard i think the government has set the right path and developing a system where we will support scientific research. basing on the results. the government will surely work on them i will pull you in the sky yet he is he's in that direction when the leader of the context in two thousand fifty movement told about a new patriotic act manly go according to him the document will mention the key values which can extend society meets today. so this gives them the value of supporting personal liability the value of responsibility before the government in society are in my view the key aspects of what we need help. mom was just with the creature was it external increase science funding in the address to the nation the president of kazakhstan in the sultanate survive noted that in the sectors of the economy will require an increase in science funding but less than three percent of gdp according to him. it is necessary to support research and innovation in the commercialization of scientific developments the government was instructed to develop and
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submit to the parliament a package of relevant bills which is deadline until september first. does a specific plan of gradual science funding increase for specific moments in discovery's will allow approaching indicators of developed countries to and from behind and in a phone in boyhood team the president has said urgent task in the field of innovation and research. he noted that not all countries can develop the nation's therefore is necessary to build a realistic and pragmatic strategy. this requires a separate scientific base that can actively participate in large scale international research projects. this will enable our scientists to integrate with the international scientific community on innovative directions. the moral emotional themes and motifs been canceled. bureaucrats of the internal trips to the cost of about today the day before taken their oath that they watch the president delivered his annual address to the nation and discuss the main party saturday. hopefully the people in the front of a song. the president said the men in uniform should show a role model behavior
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they should have honor and dignity being a soldier myself i think also does should be a role model or so off the road. that is good to go up. broadcast the news of the robbers or not or would you do if there are people playing chess in the field but he is just yesterday i watched the president of salt in the semis on tv he talked about the unity of the people smuggling. i was enthusiastic today to take my oath and i'm ready to complete all the commissions of the president go to an opening up he said. so really need to go for opponents to post any of the cd and took them off the loom to its issues to industrial. i think every young man standing in line today took an oath with the firm confident and will consciously to serve his country young people today are very patriotic ready to serve and to defend their motherland and honest in the policy of the president at the snap of it. also the name just for the fish chicken little. a river broke its pink as a result of
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incessant heavy rains in northern italy which caused flooding and dozens of villages bad weather is known to cause numerous landslides the highest level of danger was declared in the region of the area hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes than levels rivers rose more than a meter. people are trying to block the flow of the water erecting walls from seeing backs the train the rim it occurred in milan that the media really like due to the bad weather several people were injured a rail link between italy in the south of france was discontinued. according to forecasters heavy rains will continue in the next few days for the new flooding and landslides stranded pilot wells are being rescued at the book on the beach in new zealand volunteers pour water on them to keep the skin where the whales are dragged into the water one by one. i dug a ditch to get rid of the water on its muzzle his cheeky one away from the hole for exclamation some of the dolphin concrete otherwise it will sink. so much time is left for the rescue operation as a psycho will come soon to the golden bay and raise strong winds. some of the rescue pilot willis returned to the shore and in dozens of them have already died. biologists have put
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some of them down. local newspapers report about forty six rescue us for the latest news is that three w dot cuts out that stevie got kate said and. the anemic says one word that comes to mind when you talk above context in which the market. vacancies are showing great emergence in various professional fields. but the same time employers are toughening the overall requirements for staff to hire a high level of professionalism relevant experience in a keen sense of coping skills for some of the main criteria is that many companies compare the potential plea against the guarantee that the company made the right move by hiring prospect. this is one of the main reasons for the strategic human resources policy that was recently introduced at the domestic companies that's the update can i do
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labor market because that is quite active and dynamic his new vacancies on marriage and good responses from job seekers. the paradox lies in employers' kitchen staff shortage. plus there's many professionals looking for job loss. i bought a box of dots and host film at him that i'm open to the east with them and disgust that this new souls to god every day fixing the experts have recently gave a forecast that employers which reference letters more thoroughly from now on moving forward this will be standard procedure in hiring a person to position with a high level responsibility for security clearance. yes over the past two years simpler is tough and the requirements for professional competency in the employee's overall loyalty to the company. thus the employees are looking for the best professionals to confine the moment at the same time employers are reluctant to take bigger wages for these kinds of highly talented proves that it's the language of saving preparations for the expo two thousand seventeen in the construction of
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infrastructure facilities are expected to get a massive boost to the labor market in two thousand fourteen. but the move will simulate cents this year all expo two thousand seventeen related projects will be in full swing. construction and infrastructure projects will be the main priority and in these products when the true genuine professionals demonstrating the ability to meet deadlines in chief max results this let's face it the more withdrawn as a condition that the scottish nationalists to the experts forecast that many causes to the managers who started their own business will again seek employment. thus they will have a permanent job and run the business the same time. they will likely close of business in case the debenture does not deliver stellar profits the managers make it i'd go to the project lead to investment in march commercial organizations the french president promised to cut taxes for businesses during a press conference. in the seat i was fighting to come to court
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press for a long stated that he was trying to reduce the corporate tax principal fight bureaucratic procedures he also pointed out that in return for expenditure cuts he would require businesses to increase the number of jobs. moreover the publication said that the european politicians are increasingly concerned about the golkar the prince and its reluctance to productive forces or to improve competitiveness adopted by other countries. what we should break in the uk fell to two percent in december bbc reports. inflation dropped to the targeted level set by the government the last time this happened it was november two thousand nine. the national statistics office explains that the inflation rate fell to the slowdown in crisis
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the eye. then steve austin the motorsports successfully finished the card to dolls and fourteen over fourteen days of the most prestigious rally marathon participants passed over nine thousand kilometers of the motorsports team made a good showing the two crews made it to the top twenty there the truck crew of dr archer on the beaches the beginner alex a leaky ship and mechanic arrived in kolkata in the car crew of dr died in the combined into the new dominion co the two crews to fourteen and seventeen places respectively the car crew of dennis and is asked in
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thinking that all combined to thirty seventh place russia's avoided. we made a really good showing and almost everyone knows the pop star team and recognizes our flag and respects is their very thankful to our fins to our country. stanford great support a system in yet the mom. the budgets that on the wreckage of a shopper just isn't enough to sit with witnesses this. if you sit at the match will want to finish now which means we'll win more medals at dakar for kazakhstan it's great that all of our crews did a good job well done guys. a hypnotist seek it was a book that and that's just the present policy. the ski resort to lock out a campaign in support of kazakhstan freestyle ski team recently cut its daily sports moment to de galicia but won the silver medal at the freestyle ski world cup world as dimitri re hard to fourth place. besides in taree on the balboa in the main tube of macho will compete in sochi olympics on monday students with a campaign for distance. his trial. the total number of
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innings he is a priest though it is the direction where you are free to show your character through certain tricks and styles. the youth not jesus reached out because you can choose to rules and freestyle but most of the spread of relativity has to decide this campaign was held in order to draw the attention of young people to wear sports and to support our team increased out a new freestyle discipline called slope style will be introduced at so cheap that the moments of beauty with such this is a new discipline in sochi will go in the history as the first olympic city which may be due to the style it is one the most spectacular sports because sportsman can show any tricks they want the slope style. that's the extent of the art institute the best young golden eagle hunters of the country took part in the championship of kazakhstan which was held in jungle region beagle show they're covering abilities and on the show the skills of giving commands to the birds the hunters and the pats had to show well corny teamwork most exciting stage of the gpt was calling itself the golden eagles had the kids a hair or coarse corn meal hunters from home watching all my speech john and his feathered hundred
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mile aka won the championship when did you feel like it's the people very much depends on the bird in eagle county success depends on how you teach him how he treated i'm very thankful to our lock his neverland down. room. i know street. what are you in the inning. chilling portrait fourth street. sadly the reception staff that was new and expanded h projects the police. they never ask a book. chill dough. sharing
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folks here a couple pics unit strength of the union's economic how much we want to for expanded to other. an old dc to spend some time to decrease it and its concepts and also to have the energy produced as close to the client as possible. on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs. the stench of ice smaller energy sources in horror and yes the report said up to your interview here. it helps that he got scorched by forty nine after his chopsticks. not only in that it is ten years ago what a wealth of the top ten years to settle for some folks may need to come out on
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time and the mistakes to pay but the cake sometimes take nine to ten months. the bbb to speed up payments. small changes to has been that well said having an edge on monday. the very beginning when the defense. the state expects to see. we think it's funny what they see as he got interested to see the bottom of us had to kick back. cold cold. the most astute fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting at the unit searched the patient x ray brooks pharmacy board but isn't this a therapy practitioners the acidity is key to the eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received with a very big difference in taste. that
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made a batch of cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to help doctors nurses and pharmacists is what is going like that but a strange stuff the korea strait the pdp the hospital a couple times it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just next door to the hospital is the korean protection accorded to fight back in two thousand and ten jointly funded by but the koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured and well kept coming in that tricks like to compute overpass and decrepit it tends not to smear him soon i know he took over what goes on. it was. bill
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hall. in order to get it over the body. the char us ait study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is there del freak when she was in nelson schools textures be held on to the top of the stylists on the entry of new works whispers top of their institutions the focus on improving education and healthcare. stochastic or a boss but some textbook which help the country which works towards the future. thank you to get things done that last for three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible pandemics like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals a portrait next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine
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flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates. so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season. if it's saying this every year to all who looted from the front is that not since the fall accidents in which these small areas this week bring about and again failing state. lovely doesn't it. the seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment. the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans in a tv spots. i've been getting from what they
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i think that would be into it that way. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to the slaying of any antibodies in it tested the body's chemical retired from playing the lead of the virus if they do. oh and my pride. even though the effect is perfect. but will the vaccine be affected against the notorious deviant flu swine flu director kylie. little did it the wife norma and from our region that we selected the kaplan said that when you said oh so but it's quite the footy give the fray. they hope to read the official council would be say a kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this play with them all we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get in there for the study would think you read this this field and when should it any response. they have been a pain. david looked into it
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between work and how we would be fine. it was even a success with them. that's all that's left to plant some seeds tools and gets out that it can open it the kitchen and a gift. you're expecting i still have the chicken choking in the remote region of south east will retain the cia. the band stated in its five. it's not enough posture for the dutch cheese to melt the two children. and the cost and cry. thank you she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn soy and a reach a nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition santa to feed the children the same town. i mean it's sad to see an influx of non irish children when they usually happy cases. already becoming a martini has launched an action scene national plan any decisions
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quickly add this to be enforced in its response. and make sure the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains preaching to the remote and often isolated areas discussed that stops the pumpkin and pecan tree the doctor tomorrow. next he'll put the tissue in a bid to him. people are desperate for someone to show the typical population to reach because they are completely isolated the coverage of health to spore this is interesting. it is a region that is to put a fact because of security. so all of a mixed population bit difficult to access it off with a package of services to respond to their circumstances. wait that really interested in investing in aquaculture health nutrition stats. it is part of a joint initiative by police during a visit to the guinness said. df and
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having a child the government and annette within chance the last three years. it is successfully reach some might just need to come. a package on the tokyo touches down in time. coffee from africa achieved overnight found that it was in france. smart cars manufactured in europe. i spotted cruising the streets of ancient and ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology. all neighbors in this interconnected world that is facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread some kind of prices from one country to the next saving the world. no one's immune on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health the challenges remain. there is hope. international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policy to create the opportunity for sharks education and investment in future. shanley of
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the ancient each contributing to help with the whole. in the world. also on the wet and meets the network's top award. i don't like let me an american talk about it. how are women and powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and
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therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye. so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never tell i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women
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by at how much i'm pleased with how when you empower them up thinking. you knew you would know who will . i know. they are. eye


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